• Julien Grange

Paper: A Vertical Transportation Analytical Tool For the Construction of Tall Buildings

Author: Julien Grange & Oscar Savage, Multiplex Construction

Subjects: Construction, Vertical Transportation

Keywords: Construction, Vertical Transportation

Publication date: 2018

Original Publication: CTBUH Journal 2018 Issue III

Paper Type: Journal paper

© Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat


The construction phase of 22 Bishopsgate, London, presented many challenges, but one of the greatest issues to overcome was the requirement to ensure comfortable and efficient labor movements, material deliveries, and waste disposal, as well as plant and equipment transportation throughout its construction. This study introduces the Vertical Logistics Planning System (VLPS), an innovative real-world solution developed to overcome this challenge, demonstrating how the construction-phase vertical transportation strategy was assessed and optimized on the project. It is hoped that this paper will catalyze the development of further advancements in this field, assisting the transfer from an experiental approach to a predictive, data-driven methodology.

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